Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA)

We offer highly flexible and controlled processes to provide requirement-centric, quality-driven custom-made solutions. We take pride in offering superior quality electronic circuit board assembly with international competitiveness pricing. Our PCBA solutions are ideal for a variety of industries including aerospace, military, medical, industrial, and commercial OEM.

We specialize in the following PCBA capabilities:

  • Surface mount technology (SMT)
  • Through hole technology (THT)
  • Mixed technology

We understand that it takes more than just quality to satisfy our customers. With our North American operations based in California, we deliver cost-effective manufacturing solutions with reduced time-to-market. We provide quick-turn manufacturing and ensure that your PCB assembly requirements are fulfilled with precision and care. Get in touch with our experts below to get started.


Custom Wire and Box Builds

Additional Info

Thinking of onshoring your PCBA and contract manufacturing?

Onshoring PCBA (Printed Circuit Board Assembly) has various benefits.

Cost Savings

Onshoring PCBAs can help you save costs on labor, transportation, and communication. It is easier to have a face-to-face conversation with your onshore team and clear up any misunderstandings, which can help reduce errors and save money.

Quicker Turnaround Time

Onshoring allows you to get your PCBAs done faster. As the service provider is located nearby, you can quickly deliver your designs and receive the prototype or the final product in a shorter time frame than with offshoring. This quick response time allows you to bring new products to the market faster, ahead of your competitors.

Better Quality Control

Onshoring allows you to keep a closer eye on the assembly process, delivery timelines, and quality control of the project without having to wait weeks or months to visit the offshored facility. It also avoids the need for communication in different time zones, allowing for a more efficient operation.

With operations based in California, ISC provides cost-effective and quality-driven PCBA solutions that perfectly optimize onshore PCB assembly advantages.

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