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When you’re looking to contract for some custom design or assembly work, you have certain expectations. You want to see that the supplier cares about quality.

When you’re looking to contract for some custom design or assembly work (box builds or electromechanical assembly), you have certain expectations. It’s more than a list of specifications or that properly installed connectors. You want to see that the supplier cares about fit and finish; that the end result meets or exceeds critical specifications, and there is pride in workmanship. What you are looking for is, in a word, Quality.

Signs of a Commitment to Quality Mindset

Quality comes from written quality standards in equal measure with experience in applying those standards in a variety of environments. ISC is committed to providing the highest quality for our customers. Our customers include Aerospace, Military, Healthcare, Industrial, and Technology markets. Under our Quality Management System (QMS), clients are assured:

By understanding all interested party’s needs, ISC is committed to meeting all applicable requirements and expectations of Quality, Reliability, and Delivery through the constant improvement of our quality management system.

ISC has a policy of promoting continual improvement and setting of Quality Objectives in line with the framework laid down within ISO/AS 9100:2015/16 Standards.

Further to the Internationally recognized ISO/AS 9100:2015/16 company standards, ISC also operates to the international IPC standards (formerly the Institute for Interconnecting and Packaging Electronic Circuits; now the IPC Association Connecting Electronics Industries)

Specific IPC qualifications that ISC maintains include:

  • IPC/WHMA-A-620 Workmanship Standards ( Classes 1, 2 and 3 ) covering the range from everyday electronics to critical, medical, military, and other high performance environments.
  • IPC Qualified Manufacturer List (QML), which indicates that ISC is subject to regular external audits for compliance to IPC standards
  • In compliance with accepted inspection standards, ISC also follows the ANSI/J & ANSI/ASQC Z1.4 sampling standard for lot inspections based on AQL (Acceptable Quality Levels).

Vertical Integration Makes a Difference

Adhering to accepted industry standards is table stakes for electrical and electronic design, build, and test suppliers. But where ISC shines is in process control. To ensure you are getting the best in cable assemblies, connector design and operation, and reliable function in critical environments, ISC has vertically integrated many of the critical design and manufacturing steps. This includes injection molding and cable manufacturing. What you get in return is rapid response capability, especially during the prototype development stage. We supplied charging cables for the first family of Tesla EVs, for example.

The Drive for Solutions

It’s not uncommon, that a company discovers, maybe after their initial prototype run, that the electrical assembly part of their design is not cost-effective for them to build, or that it doesn’t perform as intended. They reach out to ISC, just like one manufacturer of military-grade walkie-talkies did when actual on-the-ground failure rates were too high. Not only were we able to ruggedize the design, but we were also able to streamline the power cable routing to reduce failure modes and make the device more environmentally robust through a custom backshell. For good measure, we also developed a custom dust cap to seal things up when the charging port was not in use.

Just as another example, a major airplane manufacturer was looking to outsource the galley cable harness that distributes power to the galley systems. ISC was able to deliver a reliable solution at the right price. Taking advantage of our experience and vertical integration, we were able to secure contracts for the entire galley system, not just the distribution panel, and now have 15 variations of this equipment as proven flight hardware.

A Supplier that Can Grow With You

This pattern of starting with a small entry point and moving to upgrade to the next generation of a product is a regular occurrence with ISC. This comes from consideration of “all interested party’s needs” plus the natural curiosity and drive of the ISC team for continuous improvement – true to our quality policy.

Commercial or Military, Quality is Everywhere

The ability to supply equipment to aircraft both military and civilian is directly related to their experience with ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations). Not many suppliers know how to navigate their way through the ITAR regulations. Often times what determines if a part is export-controlled is dependent on small differences in design, material, or even the final destination of use. Knowing how to read and interpret the ITAR regulations can make the difference between a clean transaction and a significant fine. This is not expertise held by many electronic design and assembly houses and is a unique capability within ISC’s capabilities.

The commitment to quality at ISC includes specialized certification under the NSF, and additional ANSI, IEC, and MIL-STD qualifications. In addition, ISC follows the RoHS and Reach standards where applicable. They have also added the DISCUS software program which helps efficiently develop inspection plans and processes.

Make the Right Decision

Based on years in business, adherence to industry standards for workmanship, experienced personnel, and specialty capability with electronic assembly, business with ISC is more like working with a manufacturing partner, than just another supplier. If you have a project, no matter what phase it’s in, get in touch with us. Give ISC a call at (800) 333-4752, submit an RFQ, or get an NDA signed to get the conversation started.

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