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How ISC helped Google save time and money with custom strain reliefs and overmolded solutions.


  • Google and ISC officially began a business relationship with an order of 70 strain reliefs and 500 boots in February 2017.
  • ISC built the strain reliefs and boots in-house with over 88,000 different configurations of stock strain reliefs available. ISC is also vertically integrated to build custom tools for any unique strain relief needed.
  • After 5 months, ISC took the discreet boots and strain reliefs and provided a value-added solution by building and overmolding the connector.
  • By directly overmolding the connector, the part offered several benefits. The inner conductors are encapsulated which protects them from the outside elements. This design allows the part to be more functional as the strain relief is directly applied over the cable jacket, and the aesthetics of the parts are improved.
  • Since 2017 ISC has continued to expand the partnership with Google and has made several custom mold tools and assemblies to support their developing business.
  • One of the latest plans was for the Loon project. This was an initiative to create a network of high-altitude balloons internet connection like 3G for anyone below in a 40k diameter. The balloons are usually in packs of 5-10 and are particularly useful in isolated areas where military personnel may be positioned.
  • The balloons are roughly 12 miles up almost twice the cruising altitude of a commercial airplane.
  • Collectively these balloons have flown in the sky for over 1 million hours.
  • Since 2017 we shipped over 25,000 parts to Google.


Initially, Google needed a supply of strain reliefs and boots. The opportunity for ISC arose when the products could be improved and customized.


A turnkey assembly was created which allowed ISC to customize and produce more strain reliefs and boots while adding value through direct overmolding.


Adding and developing new projects, such as the Loon project to further support their needs.
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