Case Studies


Overview Initial business with Coherent started in January of 2009. Since 2009, ISC has collaborated with Coherent on 80 different renditions of products totaling over 40,000 units of high-end interconnect solutions Most of Coherent’s assemblies are what are referred to as “smart cables”. A smart cable integrates in a feature like a PCB which allows..


Overview The Initial start of the project was for consulting on the development of EV charging adapters and mating plugs, which started on Feb 2, 2011. At that time, Tesla stock price was $23.89. Fourteen months of audits, evaluations, and discussions led to the kickoff of the mold tools which we developed in-house. The initial..


Overview Safran is the worldwide leader in cabin liners, galleys, trolleys & containers for both regional and business aircraft. The galleys and related systems are assembled, tested, and shipped to aircraft manufacturing facilities worldwide.  With over 400 customers, the systems require custom configurations, quick-turn refits, and modifications. Quality and on-time performance are the benchmarks of..

Philips Medical

Overview Philips medical was one of the first large medical customers ISC Engineering did business with starting in January 2008. Philips helped push the envelope in helping ISC Engineering evolve their quality system. Philips recognized ISC’s commitment to continuous improvement and efforts to expand their quality department which led to the kickoff of a new..


Overview Anduril applies AI technologies in real-world field conditions to empower Sentry Tower and other border patrolling tools with the ability to disrupt criminal cartels and actively protect military bases. It offers three key products, Sentry Tower, Ghost UAS, and the Lattice AI platform Sentry Tower is a watchtower built to detect and track threats..


Overview Google and ISC officially began a business relationship with an order of 70 strain reliefs and 500 boots in February 2017. ISC built the strain reliefs and boots in-house with over 88,000 different configurations of stock strain reliefs available. ISC is also vertically integrated to build custom tools for any unique strain relief needed…

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